Thursday, October 16, 2014

Abbott says one thing but means another.

Tony Abbott said he wanted ‘to be the Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs’ but then cut $500 million dollars from Indigenous services.

This is the result of a vague selective agenda by the Prime Minister in 2014. 

Background information : The Conversation

"It is my hope that I could be, not just a prime minister, but a prime minister for Aboriginal Affairs. The first I imagine that we have ever had".
When Abbott quoted this, he was a new Prime Minister.  My assumption is they all say what people want to hear when they are new in office and this was no different to any of those other times it appears with this statement. In hindsight we were correct at assuming he was just doing the lip service trick.

The country is up in arms at the treatment of our Indigenous peoples and he says he is going to fix it and then cuts the essential funding to this area of the budget and also allows water to be turned off on these remote communities in the Northern Territory while Mines a few kilometers away enjoy running water.
I was there at the bridge and in Coff's Harbour and I disliked that he rode through our area with his vibe.
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