Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Jesuit Oath - The Old Boys Club of Federal Politics in Australia in 2014

It is apparent it is a Catholic take over of the Australian government by an old boys club.  This is at various levels of government. 

The following Oath of the Jesuits is fairly full on so be careful not to be over awed by it.  This Jesuit connection is not good and its beginnings can be debated by each side as untrue because fear stops people from believing otherwise.  I am only presenting what I have found.

Its human nature, fear is what they use to impose their over arching laws to control and manipulate society.


Put this together with unfair protest laws on the table as well to take away for rights from the people. These laws proposed contravene the United Nations Covenant.
AUSTRALIA has just four schools under the care of the Jesuits: St Ignatius, Riverview, and St Aloysius in Sydney; Xavier in Melbourne; and St Ignatius, Athelstone, in Adelaide. Yet in the present parliament, the prime minister-elect, Tony Abbott, and the leader-in-waiting of the Nationals and hence the deputy prime minister-in-waiting, Barnaby Joyce, are Riverview old boys.

The next treasurer, Joe Hockey, is an old Aloysian, and the future leader of government business and education minister, Christopher Pyne, is an old boy of Athelstone. The new Nationals member for Lyne, David Gillespie, is also an old Riverview boy, a classmate of Abbott.
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How the Jesuits were apart of all of this division of Christian and Muslim now instigating this at the beginning.
How the Vatican created Islam.  The astonishing story from an ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, which was told to him by Cardinal Bea while he was at the Vatican.
IMG 5979 Mary in the back yard
The Catholic Church Yard Mary

"This information came from Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit priest, after his conversion to Protestant Christianity. It is excerpted from The Prophet, published by Chick Publications, P.O. Box 662, Chino CA 91708. 

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