Saturday, September 27, 2014

Symbolism - The Language of the Soul.

IMG 8652 Canowind chimes at Dawn
This window is the place where I do a lot of imagining.  I usually dream about big projects though and know what to do.
By Dee Smith

It is through the Soul's imagination that we can increase our capacity to know the divine; This is our spiritual growth.  This is a process of learning the archetypal language of the soul.  This is not a static language.  It is not an alphabet or symbol system.  It is the language of the imagination.

The imagination allows us to in-vision, to open the mind so that we can explore and discover the Soul's Archetypal world.  The imagination takes us beyond the banal identifications and routine symbolic representations into the depths, into the unknown within, and it is there that we encounter a divine landscape.

While current religious believers often seek God's wisdom outside of themselves, visionaries and mystics know that God speaks to the soul.  This divine communion with the soul is experienced through dreams and visions.

Jung says that the believer should not boggle at the fact that there are somnia a deo missa (Dreams sent by God) and illuminations of the soul which cannot be traced back to any external causes" (IBID, PARA. II).

But the vast majority do not turn inward to find God.  They seek God in the heavens above, in the church, in their religious leaders, even Gurus and mountaintops, but not within the soul.

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