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USGS Maps 100 years of Wyoming Drill Scars and John Fenton speaks out in Australia.

A Drilling rig drills for natural gas just wes...
A Drilling rig drills for natural gas just west of the Wind River Range in the Wyoming Rockies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Fenton from Wyoming is currently in the country on various speaking engagements trying his hardest to warn people what the end result will be if they do not heed his warning.

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A recent analysis by the U.S. Geological Survey  of the oil and gas wells, which include the Csg operations, scar the entire landscape of the southwest of  Wyoming.
"Approximately 17,000 well pads and former drilling areas associated with oil and natural gas production were identified in satellite images across a 30,000-square-mile region".  360.environment
This US Geophysical map shows where mining started around the 1900's and includes sites of the recent years of Csg Drilling.  They say there are many more Csg wells than oil wells.  Wyoming has the most intense drilling program and leads other states in the USA with Shale gas production.  This fact alone tells me this state will be the most damaged environmentally.

The mapping of these impacts will determine how much impact on all ecosystems and the flora and fauna of the area have suffered due to the 100 year history of drilling in that state.
 This Focuses on southwestern Wyoming because it not only has some of the nation's largest natural gas reserves, but also because the region has high-quality wildlife habitat and encompasses a major portion of the country's remaining intact sagebrush steppe".  360.environment

The Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative identified nearly 17,000 oil and gas well pad scars, shown in blue and green, in southwest Wyoming. The scars date from around 1900 to 2009. (Map credit: U.S. Geological Survey)

USGS Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are the facts that John Fenton brings with him to tell the Australian people who are currently under the assault of the Government pressure to push the drilling through unabated.

With such overwhelming evidence and a hands on snapshot of what Aussies are letting themselves in for.  To pursue this type of mining any further is absolute madness, and the Australian people who are damaged from this already demand to be heard by their government as citizens of this country.

To continue to ignore the damage that is already apparent to the water in all the areas already where drilling has occurred is just treasonous.

We need a commission inquiry into the corruption that has taken place to bring about this complex web of deception that reaches into both parties and many others in places of authority with Lobbying.  Ex politicians in Mining CEO positions etc.  Something is very wrong with this.   Did they think the Australian People would not see this?   Why do we pay people of this caliber large pensions forevermore, it is a ludicrous luxury the country can well do with out!  End this now too.
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