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Anne Thompson responds to disparaging Letters to the Editor in Northern Star.

IMG 3968 Franklins Ride to Canberra
Anne Thompson leading one of the Franklin Horses heading to Canberra *

Anne Thompson has worked tirelessly against the Gas coming into the Northern Rivers, she has been instrumental in organizing fund raising situations to fund studies on the water etc around Tara in Queensland where many families are just plain sick.  We all know it is because of the Gas but we have to prove this with independent testing of the water and this is an expensive exercise to say the least.  Our governments should be heading up this in the favor of the people but instead they favor the large corporations putting profit before people.

Anne said:  "Some of you might have seen the following comment in Saturday's Weekend Star, by someone who frequently uses the name 'Because Im Batman.'

 In any case I am sure you will be interested to read 'Batman's' query and my letter of response to the Northern Star with a copy to the Echo

"This time last year the No Gas Rig Gig raised $10000 to test Brian Monk's children and grandchildren for the effects of CSG. Where are those results? What happened to the money? It does not take one year for results. Gasgield Free Northern Rivers please explain? 
Because Im Batman, The Risk"
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Letter to the Editor.
In response to the query by someone calling himself ‘BecauseimBatman’ (W/E Star 22/2/14)as to the money raised for health testing of the people up in Tara and Kogan on the Western Darling Downs where families are surrounded by gas fields, I have just done a trip up there as part of a committee administering these funds.

This is the 5th trip I have made for various reasons and each time the situation gets more dire. People are getting sicker and now they are mostly out of water. In desperation some have used their dam water for bathing, but this causes rashes as does bore water. Most drinking water has to be bought. When it rains some will need reverse osmosis filters because of contaminants. Mysterious substances cover surfaces and obviously get washed into water tanks. (As per attachment which shows the substance on a corrugated roof and where it has drained into the gutter and caused corrosion.)

Brian Monk was unable to come to the meeting as he was too unwell, but he tells me that all residents who have been tested to date, including himself, have shown chemicals of concern in their urine, with the exception of one. The samples contained Hippuric acid (the main metabolite of Toluene)along with varying combinations of phenol, cresol, PAH and methyl ethyl ketone. Tank water testing (which was funded from another source)in some cases showed extremely acidic pH and concerning levels of heavy metals as well as radio-activity. All these chemicals Brian Monk says are linked to gas extraction and can clearly be linked to the neurological condition that his little grandson suffers from. It is also in keeping with other symptoms suffered by many of the children, such as bleeding noses, eye irritation and breathing difficulties etc.

IMG 2331
Annette and Brian with GFK back

The testing is ongoing and takes time. When people are sick, the last thing they want to do is travel for hours to be tested, bearing in mind the extreme distances out there. It was decided at last Tuesday’s meeting that what funds are left should also be used for purchasing RO filters for tank water and for the cost of testing the water. Funds can also be used for buying tanked water from Chinchilla, although there is resistance to this because gas industry produced water is pumped into the weir – even if it is treated.

I hope this information puts Mr Batman’s mind at rest, but if not, then please feel free to continue some independent testing – something that the industry and the Queensland Health Dept. do not seem keen to do.

Anne Thompson,

* Franklin Horses

The Franklins set off from Sth Grafton with nine horses and rode to Canberra to tell the politicians Water is the most precious resource.   Only the Greens and Bob Katter received them.  It was a heroic effort by the entire team.  It was hardly reported in the flat earth media.  Orders from above no doubt.  Yes I think they are told NOT TO REPORT!

IMG 6021 Pulling the horses into the protest area
The Franklin's Woop Woop March arrives at Parliament House Canberra
  Images @ Eminpee Fotography
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