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EDWARD BUTLER b. 26th June 1876, Broadwater, Stanthorpe, QLD. d. 27 August 1958, QLD. EDWARD'S Parents are:
SAMUEL BUTLER b. 12 Oct 1847, Shelford, Cambridgeshire,England. d. 10 Jul 1934, Applethorpe,QLD, &
PATIENCE TAYLOR b. 19 Apr 1849, Rimbanda,Armidale,NSW. d. 22 Sept 1915, Stanthorpe,QLD.

EDWARD BUTLER married CHRISTINA FLINT 7th Dec 1899,Stanthorpe, QLD place of residence was Maryland Station, Tenterfield, NSW.

CHRISTINA FLINT b. 3 Aug 1877, Thornhill, Maryland, NSW. d. 5 Mar 1962, Stanthorpe, QLD.

A little more about My Great Great Grandparents and my great grandfathers siblings!

Markus Henry Peters and Matilda Stella Peters (nee Butler) at the Killarney Show

Patience Taylor (b. 1849, d. 22September 1915) 

Patience Taylor (daughter of William Taylor and Ann Nunan) was born 1849 in St Peters, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, and died 22 September 1915 in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia. She married Samuel Butler on 1868 in Tenterfield, New south Wales, Australia.

More About Patience Taylor:
Burial: 25 September 1915, Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia.

More About Patience Taylor and Samuel Butler:
Marriage: 1868, Tenterfield, New south Wales, Australia.

Children of Patience Taylor and Samuel Butler are:
  1. William Butler, b. 27 November 1879, d. date unknown.
  2. +Isabella Butler, b. 18 November 1880, d. 9 November 1965, Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia.
  3. Job Butler, b. 18 November 1880, Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia, d. 22 November 1968, Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia.
  4. Thomas Butler, b. 21 February 1883, d. date unknown.
  5. George Butler, b. 23 November 1888, d. date unknown.
Mrs Christina Kirkpatrick Butler (nee Flint)

The death took place of Mrs Christina Kirkpatrick Russell Butler, aged 84 years on march 5th 1962 at her daughter's, Mrs Alicoque Glover's home in White Street, Stanthorpe.  Mrs Butler had had a stroke eight months prior to her death and was nursed by her daughter Alicoque until she passed away. With careful care and attention Mrs Butler was able to walk and move her right arm considerably with assistance only a month after having the stroke.

Mrs Butler was born on her father's sheep property at "Thorn Hill",Maryland. She lived there with her parents Mr &Mrs Robert Flint until she married Edward (Ted) Butler in 1899 at Stanthorpe, Queensland.

After her marriage she and her husband took up a small selection at Maryland. During her younger days she was noted for her horsemanship. She was a lover of outdoor life, especially as far as rough riding was concerned. Many a horse which no man would handle, she would break in, and many an old hand today still talks of her skill in breaking in of horses and buck jump riding. Most of her riding was done in a lady's side saddle. She was still riding at the age of 70 and in recent years when asked if she still rode,her reply was "No the pony is too old".

She learned to ride almost before she could walk for her father who was also an expert horseman and veterinary surgeon, broke in horses of all descriptions and owned and trained race horses and trotters which he raced in Brisbane and various other towns.

In her early days she was also noted for her art in ball room dancing; many a time being belle of the ball. She was a great lover of music and could play the accordion and mouth organ. She still could play a tune on the mouth organ up until she passed away.

Mrs Butler was a very keen reader all her life and never wore glasses. She always did have a fine sense of humor and an amazing quickness of wit. Many a laugh she gave each and all who came in contact with her during her later life.
She and her husband resided at Maryland until 1911 when Mrs Butler came to live with her daughter Alicoque at The Summit and lived with her for eight years.

She then bought a home at The Summit and lived there until her late husbands death four years ago,when she again moved to Stanthorpe to reside with her daughter Alicoque where she remained until her death.

During the whole of her life she only ever visited a doctor twice until just recently. The late Mrs Christina Kirkpatrick Butler is survived by 11 children; four sons and seven daughters.

These are 
Sid  ( The Summit) married  BEATRICE /
Victor (The Summit), married IVY /
Roy (Yarraman),  married Doris / Brian, Kevin
Bert (Brisbane),
Amy (Mrs Glasby) Murwillumbah),married DAVE GLASBY
Matilda (Mrs Peters) Killarney), Married Markus PETERS William (Dad),Mary,Joan,Dudley,Lawrence
Queenie (Mrs Carter) Malanda), - John, Max
Edith ( Mrs Cussen) married John Cussen / - Mavis, Kay
Gracie( Mrs Stonebridge) Ipswich) married George Stonebridge /, Baxter, Roselyn
Elsie ( Mrs McCanna) Mackay)Married Charlie McCANNA /,(twins that passed away)
Alicoque (Mrs Glover) Stanthorpe).
All 11 of her children were born at Maryland with her mother Mrs Flint as nurse.
There are 33 grandchildren and 50 great grand children. I am one of the 50 grandchildren and my grandmother was Matilda (Peters)
...I was reared by my grandmother's sister Edith  Cussen (Nee Butler).
 Image - My grandparents, Markus and Matilda at the Killarney show.  
Matilda was the second eldest daughter of Christina and Edward Butler, who were my great grandparents.
This is an image of one of their sons William Henry Peters ( Billy)  and one of their grandchildren Mary-Ellen Peters  (Me) on his knee in the wheelchair he had been in for only a year at this point. Brisbane 1960.  This picture was taken at Rita Clarke's wedding.
Updated to the list of Matilda's...
My Grandmother Matilda Stellar Peters has had two great grandchildren named after her and one Great great grandchild.  I named my first born daughter Matilda Sunshine Katherine after my Grandmother and Katherine after my mother's middle name, Ellen Katherine Peters /Fraser (Baguley).  My cousin  Anne Sullivan named her daughter Matilda. My Nephew Rick Ellen (son of my sister Julieanne) named his first daughter Matilda.

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