Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mother Goose's connection to ancient wisdom.

Symbols flow like rivers through cultures: They migrate with people, and as they are used, adopted, and adapted they pick up layers of meaning, like water picks up elements from the ground over which it travels~Michelle Snyder ~

Today I have been going over some of the faerie tales since the early hours, Grimms Faerie Tales.  Now I am seeing the wisdom of the Divine Female and the Divine Male in these stories.  They have many levels and at first glance one is highly likely to miss this.  If one is intuitively looking, they will see the wisdom hidden in these stories, some very ghastly as they teach the moral. Our fall from divinity was very grim as we fell and asleep and forgot who we were and why we were all here.

The swan / bird symbolism is connected to the Cygnus constellation and the varied mythology surrounding the cosmic egg mythology.

Thyalwaysseek's Video
"The fingerprints of Divine Man - Orion Draco and Cygnus"

Hermetic Reads 'The Initiatory Path in Fairy Tales - The Alchemical Secrets of Mother Goose' by Bernard Roger...
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Eventually this wisdom become crystal.
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