Tuesday, June 02, 2015

2nd June .. my birthday


The Second day of June is special to me... I was born onto this Earth plane once more to learn the lessons I originally sort to learn by being in a mortal form.   The second day of winter .. its always really chilly and so its a fine time for fires outside, this is a favorite activity of mine.  It is a window to who I am really,  I love the ancient fire and become excited in my spirit as she burns brightly. 

This birthday will have special gifts for me.  A full Strawberry Moon for the 2nd of June.  The strawberry Moon or Rose Moon is so named because it got its name because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit and in Europe where strawberries are not native it was called the Rose Moon.  Another name for this moon is also the Thunder Moon.
Full Strawberry Moon: June 2, 2015Follow Sun Gazing

A favorite day for me would be to be able to study all day and learn about the mysteries.  I have always loved to study and I was always the odd one out who loved school too but being in a childrens home I had to be naughty to fit in and so there was a conundrum there for me always.   My joy was to always find the truth for myself. 

I started with the human body and studying Anatomy and Physiology when I was 23 years old and this study of the human body and the latin names caused me to find out where and when these body parts were named such and why and by whom.  That was a big lesson.  I had already a few experiences where I felt I could not trust the medical opinions some were making about me, I studied hard and I found out that the doctor in question was in fact doing a very wrong diagnosis and I almost died from this misdiagnosis.  It did cause me to be infertile for many years and to have to participate with the IVF program.  In the end I conceived naturally but all three pregnancies were a miracle as the scar tissue still blocks my fallopian tubes as it did in my teen years.  This caused me so much pain I had to find out about my own body because this was not good.

Me dressed in my Circus Dress as a baby.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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