Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eidsvold Queensland had a 'deep' Earthquake.

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Geoscience Australia said it released  the same amount of energy as a nuclear bomb exploding!

I learned something about earthquakes today.  The deeper they are the less dramatic is the effect.  So when they are very shallow, just a few Kilometers down there is a more devastating effect felt above ground.

The earthquake at Eidsvold in Central Eastern Queensland, which is inland of Gympie and close to the Gayndar orange growing district  was approximately 15 kilometers under the ground and that is considered deep.

People are not relating it to a "Frack Quake".   Those involved in the no CSG groups are careful to not say things that can be easily discredited with science, whether the science is faulty or not does not bother them.  But,  I checked maps and as the crow flies, it is not a great distance between the two places of Wondoan near Chinchilla  (where there is extensive fracking) to Eidsvold.

This coming weekend of the 20th February, we are having the highest of king tides for the entire year. This will coincide with an extreme weather event.   Two cyclones converging into one, already named 'Marsha'.

This event could cause a few disasters up the coast from here and people are preparing now.  I am situated on the coast  here, on a cliff over looking the Pacific Ocean.   The winds are expected to  reach 90kilometers.  I cant do much other than check my pot plants are all safe.

The Earthquakes and the extreme weather is a  response to the energies (forms of electricity) coming in from space.  During this week we had two M Class Flares and two Gamma Ray bursts from two differing star systems.  So it is no mistake the earth responds back to space this way. 

Earth and Space are in fact communicating with each other.  I am not sure if its a friendly wave or not.  What we see as friendly might be very different.

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IMG 8485 Urunga in Deluge

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Gale force winds to come, as Queensland on cyclone alert.

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